A good translation is a work of art. It doesn't need any bells and whistles, but it does have to be accurate and make the grade. It must be solid and carefully crafted using the right terminology to meet the standards of your industry.

I know that what matters the most is making sure your readers can relate to your texts, and that no valuable information gets lost or mistranslated along the way.

My translating includes thorough terminology mining, and I am also experienced with working with glossaries. I can even help you build one if you'd like.

Before starting a translation, we will discuss in-house styles or any other preferences you may have.Read more


In this case, I make changes to the text in order to improve its comprehensiveness and general quality. It should have a natural flow, be error-free, clear, and consistent. Your text will have maximum impact.

Need your European Portuguese version to be localized to the Brazilian market? I can lend you a hand.Read more


A professional proofreader is trained to spot the tiniest flaws in the text, thoroughly reviewing grammar, spelling and punctuation. The purpose is to eliminate any and all mistakes, including typos and missing words. The aim is to ensure that errors do not distract or even completely mislead readers, impacting the credibility of your writing.

If you want a second pair of eyes, I can also arrange for it and team up with a trusted colleague.Read more


Maybe you attended a very interesting lecture at a congress, or you took part in an important meeting, or maybe even found a handy informative video online, and you want to get every last detail down on paper. I’m on it.

I’ll transcribe your audio or video recording — in Portuguese or in Dutch — according to your needs.

Transcriptions do not include translation — these are two separate services.Read more

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